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ECKARE Red Quinoa Pectin Plus (Jacky Wu Pectin) 17.5g x 30 packs EXP 04/2025

by Eckare
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ECKARE Red Quinoa Pectin Plus (Jacky Wu Pectin) 17.5g x 30 packs

Looking for a healthy, nutritious, and delicious meal replacement? Try the award-winning Red Quinoa Pectin Plus from Taiwan.

Product Description:

ECKARE Red Quinoa Pectin Plus is a meal replacement product primarily made with red quinoa, combined with apple pectin and fruit bits, offering a healthy, nutritious, and tasty beverage option. Red quinoa, originating from Peru, is known as the "mother of grains" and is rich in high-quality proteins and essential amino acids, surpassing the nutritional value of milk. It also contains abundant dietary fiber, various vitamins, minerals, as well as premium fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-9. 

ECKARE Red Quinoa Pectin Plus further incorporates apple pectin and fruit bits, with each kilogram of apple pectin derived from 150 kilograms of premium Qingdao apples. This product is gluten-free and suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivity or vegetarians.

Product Features:

Recommended by Jacky Wu, the King of Variety Shows: Endorsed by the renowned artist Jacky Wu.
Apple pectin and fruit bits for enhanced satiety: Added apple pectin and fruit bits to increase the drink's satiety.
Red quinoa, the gem of grains, providing complete nutrition: Red quinoa is known as the "gem of grains" and offers abundant nutrients.
Contains 4 billion good bacteria for digestion and smooth bowel movements: The product contains 4 billion probiotics, aiding digestion and promoting regular bowel movements.
Recipient of the "Taiwan Quality Gold Award" and "Taiwan Brand Yushan Award": This product has received honors from the Taiwan Quality Gold Award and Taiwan Brand Yushan Award.

Product Benefits:

Body slimming: Rich in dietary fiber, increases satiety, and each serving contains only 1/4 of the calories in a bowl of rice, making it suitable as a meal replacement for individuals on a diet.
Colon cleansing and bowel regularity: Abundant pectin and fiber contribute to colon cleansing and bowel regularity, suitable for individuals experiencing constipation.
Supplements essential nutrients: Provides high-quality proteins, various vitamins, and trace elements required by the body.
Main Ingredients:

Red quinoa, apple pectin, guar gum, 4 billion probiotics.

The product is free from artificial sweeteners and artificial colorings.

Usage Instructions:

Pour two packs of red quinoa pectin into 500 milliliters of room temperature water, shake well, and consume. If using one pack, pour it into 250 milliliters of room temperature water and consume.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use ECKARE Red Quinoa Pectin Plus as a meal replacement to achieve weight loss in a short period. It provides a sense of satiety, suppresses appetite, and the effects can last for 4-6 hours, even without excessive exercise, facilitating fat burning. This is why it has received recommendations from Jacky Wu and others.

Storage Instructions:

Keep the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, please consume it as soon as possible.

Country of Origin: Taiwan
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